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Visit that old high school dance done Xena style. 8.2MB

"... at good ole Meg's Palace Bar and Grille" Yup, I wrote and sing it. 8.6MB

The Good Ole Warlord's Lament

("...darn that Xena and that blondie Gabrielle")

A warlord laments his run in with the Warrior Princess. Careful, you'll be singing along with this one. 9.5MB

Tutti Fruiti

I have to say, this is one of my favorites. Its just for fun! 6.2MB

When I Need You

You want subtext? Oh yeah, we got subtext. Whew! Is it gettin' hot in here? 13.3MB

Little Darlin'

Joxer's fantasy romance is turned around om him. 7MB

The Warrior is a Child

This was a collaboration with Xenaelectra.


For one of our favorite amazons, Ephiny. This video was made for Bryazon, Amazon Prince.


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